How May I Serve You, 2020

in collaboration with Saadia Abbasi and Malik Ayaz


How May I Serve You is a live-chat platorm created for the RCA 2020 degree show. Due to the pandemic circumstances, an online platform was the frame we had. This digital format re-shaped my intention, resources and intended audience – the visitor is now a user, and the gallery is now a device. This site-specificity and its context redirect the final project into new roots to explore identity, interactivity, globalisation, invisibility and outsourcing on the internet.
How May I Serve You aims to disrupt the corporate customer service experience to humanise those who are hidden behind its technologies through open conversations.
This participatory performance took place on the 24th of July 2020 during 8 hours. 168 people joined and started a one-two-one live chat. An archive containing these conversations is going to be publish very soon.