How May I Serve You? 2019 – 2023

in collaboration with call centre agents
Saadia Abbasi and Malik Ayaz

Specification of the piece

Mixed media
Various dimensions


How May I Serve You aims to disrupt the corporate customer service system to humanise and reveal the experiences of those individuals hidden behind calls and online chats. The work takes place through open online conversations between customer service agents based in Pakistan, outsourced by the UK and an online UK-based audience.

This participatory performance occurred in the middle of the pandemic when online services were key workers to keep the current system running. The website was open for 8 hours on the 24th of July and the 15th of September 2020. 246 people joined and started a one-two-one live chat. An archive containing these conversations and a report will be published very soon.

How May I Serve You was commissioned by The World Transformed (TWT) and first shown at the RCA 2020 degree show


How May I Serve You?: Report on online working.